Coming to London This September, 2019, CityStudio is a proven model of experiential education and civic engagement – pioneered in Vancouver and adapted across Canada – that is helping to develop tomorrow’s leaders by turning the city into the classroom


CityStudio London is a collaboration between the City of London, Brescia University, Fanshawe College, Huron University, King’s University College, Western University, and Pillar Nonprofit Network. By furthering connections between City Hall, academic institutions, and local community, London's post-secondary students have more meaningful opportunities to apply their skills, creativity, and entrepreneurial spirit to real-world issues and challenges facing our community, and help shape a better and brighter future for all Londoners.



Convene City Staff

Once a year we convene City staff to identify and develop project concepts that further London’s strategic aims.


Design Projects Together

As part of their coursework, students work together with City staff to co-create pilot projects for the benefit of community.

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Share and Scale Projects

The results are presented publicly at a showcase where students, City staff, citizens and elected officials connect to make these solutions permanent.

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Match Projects with Schools

We match these projects with courses at our partner schools, ensuring a strong fit between city needs and faculty expertise.


Launch Projects in Public

Final projects are launched by students as experiments and pilot projects in the community to test what works.